• 12 Mar, 2024
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Does Tap Portugal offer Group Booking?

Yes, tap Portugal does offer you group booking, but there are some conditions, such as the Tap Portugal group bookings must contain at least 10 passengers; only then can you apply for the group booking; there are more conditions which are mentioned below;

  • 2 of the passengers in the group must be an adult.
  • Each adult can travel with the 4 children or with one child and one infant.
  • The contacts and personal identification documents should be provided within the time limit present on the contract.
  • After the ticket has been issued, no changes and refunds are permitted.
  • You would have to pay the cancellation penalties if you cancel the ticket before making the payment.
  • There are no upgrades allowed with miles for group booking.
  • The quotations are valid for the flights operated by TAP or TAP Express.

How do I book a group of people with Tap Portugal?

For Tap Portugal group travel, you must request Tap Portugal for a group of 15 or more people by filling out the form on Tap Portugal's official website with 3 steps, which are travel details in which you have to fill in details like the type of travel, the time destinations, number of the passengers, group name and after proceeding to the next you will then have to fill the contact details and make submission confirmation. You will be done with submitting the form. 

Tap Portugal group travel request

The request for group travel can make your traveling within budget and easy; you can make a request online through its official website and send your trip details to 'gruposvendasdirectas@tap.pt'.

Benefits of Tap Portugal group bookings

There are a lot of benefits that come along with group booking; these benefits make the travel more worthy and enjoyable. Read the benefits which are mentioned below;

  • The luggage allowance for each passenger in the group can be up to 23kg for the hold bag and up to 10kg for the hand luggage.
  • The standard seat can be booked as a group booking without additional costs.
  • The change of flights is permitted according to the terms and conditions of the group contract.
  • The names of the passengers can be changed without penalties until the time the tickets are issued.

How many people can you add to group flights on Tap Portugal?

You can book people for a minimum number of 10 and up to 40 passengers, which can be done 21 days before the travel date. And can access the benefits of group traveling at a low cost and enjoy the journey with your group with an easy group booking process at Tap portugal.


I hope you got all the information you were looking for about Tap Portugal's group booking process, such as the benefits of group booking, how to book group tickets on Tap Portugal, and the number of people who can travel in a group. And you will be able to book for the same.