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How Do I Get in Touch with ITA Airways?

Suppose you have made a booking with ITA Airways and now want to make a change to your existing ticket. However, you are unsure about the policies and charges associated with these changes. Thus, you can connect with a person through the ITA airways phone number for detailed information. Follow these steps: 

  1. Dial 1 (877) 793-1717 and wait for the call to connect. 
  2. Follow the IVR to reach the department related to your query.
  3. Proceed to follow the on-call instructions to get a person from the airline. 
  4. Talk to the agent and get your query resolved. 

This number is applicable for passengers connecting from the USA only. If you want to join their representative from other parts of the world, this number may not work. 

Local Numbers of ITA in Different Countries

  1. Canada - +1 866-725-7077

  2. Italy - 800 936090

  3. France - +33 1 73 43 12 80

  4. India - 000 8000 503336

  5. United Kingdom - +44 1904 211300

  6. Spain - +34 900 861 690

  7. Germany - +49 6966102730 

How do I email ITA Airways customer service? 

The passengers who have a complaint with the airline are suggested to report their issue by writing an email to the airline representatives. Explain your issue at complaintsUS@ita-airways.com to their representatives. They will get back to you to discuss your concern further in detail. They will resolve your issue within 28 days of your complaint. 

Where is ITA Airways Office?

The passengers who wish to meet the airline representative in person can visit their office and seek help. Their representative will assist you and will try to provide you with the best solution for your query. Visit ITA Airways headquarters address ITALIA TRASPORTO AEREO SPA CUSTOMER CARE DEPT. VIA VENTI SETTEMBRE 97 ROME, ITALY 00187, and get help. 

How to ask for special assistance from ITA Airways? 

The passengers suffering from a medical condition and wanting to get assistance from the airline will have to request either through “manage my booking” or email. With email, you can inquire and get detailed information about the service. Write an email to ITA Airways customer service email specialassistance@ita-airways.com at least 48 hours before the flight. 

ITA Airways social media support 

ITA Airways tries to provide the passengers with as many channels as possible. Social media is one such option. To get a social media agent, follow their account and say hi to their agent. Additionally, you can also update yourself with the latest discounts and offers. 

Does ITA have 24 hour customer service phone number? 

Yes, Passengers can call the customer executive of ITA Airways anytime at their convenience, as the airline supports its passengers 24 hours a day and seven days a week. But if you are facing busy lines on the call, try calling them in the morning as this is when fewer people make a call facilitating the agent to pick your calls instantly and serve you better. 

How to Contact ITA Airways in the UK?

The individuals who would likely make travel arrangements with ITA Airways from the UK might seek human assistance for their inquiries. For that, they can easily contact the customer service desk using the ITA Airways Phone Number: +44 1904 211300. Calling this number would give you a few language options first. After that, you can proceed with the call procedure. Select the given options based on your need so that the cal meets with a concerned human at the customer service desk. 

What is ITA Airways Contact Number for Canada? 

When there are requirements for flyers with ITA Airways from Canada, it is a must to know the designated phone number of the ITA Airways customer service for the same region. For contacting the airline in Canada, the official phone number is +1 866-725-7077. The call service is available throughout the day in English and Italian. If you want assistance in the French language, call the help desk anytime from 09:00 am to 8:00 pm.

What is ITA Airways Whatsapp Number?

One can attain help virtually from ITA customer service whenever the requirement is related to travelling. The WhatsApp number of ITA Airways is +390238595049. You have to feed the mentioned number on your mobile and open the WhatsApp chat, share the messages you would like to ask and receive an immediate response from a human. 

What time does ITA Airways call centre open?

The call centre opening time of ITA Airways is 24 hours a day. However, the timings can be varied depending on the region you would like to contact from. The better approach will be you check the call centre hours on the official site of ITA Airways itself and contact customer service accordingly. 

Final Words

The passengers who have made their booking with ITA Airways and looking for ITA Airways customer service can read this article for help. This article discusses possible ways to get a person from the airline. To know more, visit their official page.