• 19 Dec, 2023
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How do I change my Asiana Airlines Flight Online? 

Asiana Airlines, a South Korean airline, allows passengers to change their tickets. You can modify Asiana Airlines flight change online or via customer support. If you want to opt for the online process, check the information shared here to guide you. 

  1. To change the date, time, or route, you need to follow the steps here: 
  2. Visit the website or open the app. 
  3. Click on Book and select “Find My Trip.” 
  4. Enter the reservation number, boarding date, last name, departure, and arrival city. 
  5. Select the Enter button to retrieve booking details. 
  6. Now, edit the details as per your requirements. 
  7. Pay the change fee and fare difference to change the flight. 

Remember that the fee and fare difference varies on various factors, such as departure schedule, fare, and ticket type. In case you have any issues, consider connecting with the agents. 

How to call Asiana Airlines for a flight change?

If you don’t have time for Asiana Airlines date change, speak with a live representative. They will help you to modify your ticket. Dial the Asiana Airlines phone number +1-800-227-4262 for immediate help accessible around the clock to guide you. Agents will ask you for the reservation information, like a confirmation number, to find your ticket details. Your request to change will be processed within the 3 days. Once approved, you will be informed via registered mail. 

Asiana Airlines Flight Change instructions

Passengers must follow the Asiana Airlines flight change guidelines shared on their confirmation ticket related to the flight change. Read the instructions mentioned here carefully before making any changes to your ticket: 

  1. International flight change: if your flight is departing overseas, you need confirmation from the airline to modify your flight details. It can take around 3 days to process your request. Moreover, you have to pay the fare difference and change fee. 

  2. Domestic flight change: You can change the ticket before the expiration date. Tickets are valid for one year from the date of initial purchase. 

  3. Payment Method: Passengers can’t change their mode of payment from cash to card or vice-versa. Even different cards aren’t allowed to pay the balance amount. In that case, you must cancel the flight and request a refund to make a new reservation. 

You can also request to change the ticket at the airport from a live representative available at the ticket counter before check-in. 

How much does Asiana Airlines charge for flight and date change? 

Flight change can cost you around $ 70. However, the charge varies because of the domestic or international flight, departure schedule, and fare. Besides the Asiana Airlines flight change fee, you must pay the extra charges of up to $ 20 for the customer service fee. Additional costs can be avoided if you use the online medium to edit your tickets. 

To conclude, travelers can change their date, route, or time according to schedule. You need to remember the terms and conditions while changing your ticket. In case of any confusion, please speak with agents via +1-800-227-4262 for assistance.