• 04 Jan, 2024
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Air France's Cancellation Policy and How Does it Work?

You need to adhere to the  Air France cancellation policy that has been formulated to make the cancellation process a seamless experience. The pointers associated with the same are as follows:

  1. All cancellations made within the 24-hour risk-free period with the airline are entitled to a full refund with no extra fee levied. 

  2. Delays and cancellations made without prior notice due to the airline's fault are eligible for cancellation with no additional cost charged for the same.

  3. Medical emergencies and the death of a close relative are situations when the airline allows you to proceed with the cancel process. However, to validate the claim made, you need to submit authorized documentation for the reason stated for verification. 

  4. Reservations pertaining to business class bookings are mostly eligible for free cancellation as per your needs.  

How do I cancel my Air France flight? 

The airline gives you the flexibility to proceed with a cancellation as and when there is a need for the same. Herein, the best mode that you can use to cancel the Air France Flight would be through the online portal. The approach that can be followed through to initiate the process is stated here:

  1. Ruffle through the official website of Air France.

  2. Check over the contents on the landing page to find the My Bookings icon.

  3. Log in to the account through the Booking Reference and Last Name to access the booking made. 

  4. Search to find the flight for which cancellation needs to be made.

  5. Choose the Cancel My Flight option and follow through with the instructions. 

  6. Review, make the payment, if any, and submit it for final cancellation.

  7. A confirmation mail would be shared by the team of the airline for cancel made. 

How much must I pay for cancelling an Air France Flight? 

The amount that needs to be paid as part of the cancel that you made with the Air France flight usually varies depending on the situation and circumstances that have arisen. All cancellations made during the risk-free time period have zero cancellation fees. Otherwise, the airline usually charges 50 USD to 150 USD, which can vary depending on the destination and distance traveled, which can vary.

Does Air France offer 24-hour cancellation? 

Yes, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy with Air France. Under the same, you would be able to cancel a reservation with the airline within 24 hours of making the booking, for which no additional cost would be charged. You can make use of this time period to cancel with Air France whenever the demand for the same arises. 

Can I cancel the Air France flight at the Airport Counter? 

Yes, you can cancel the flight ticket that you have purchased with Air France by making a visit to the airport ticket counter. The staff at the airport, under the airline’s customer service team, would help with the necessary process to cancel as needed. You just need to provide the necessary documents about the same. Usually, the period till which you can cancel with the airline is before the check-in time. 

How do I claim a refund from Air France?

The refund claim for the reservation you canceled with Air France can be made via the refund form provided. The link for the refund is provided under the Help and Contacts headline, which you can access. Once done, make a selection for the refund claim that needs to be made, which can be in the form of a refund amount or voucher. The refund claim with the airline would be made via the booking page shown.