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What Is Vistara Group Booking Program and How Does It Work?

Vistara Group Bookings is a service tendered by Vistara Airlines that allows you to book flights for groups of 10+ or additional travleres voyaging concurrently. Vistara group booking is suitable for leisure groups, business conferences, or any other occasion where you need to book multiple tickets at once and sit together while flying. 

Benefits of choosing the Vistara Group Bookings

There are a lot of benefits to choosing the Visitara group bookings; however, detailed information is located below, so you must consider it swiftly. 

  1. Dedicated group booking team- You will have a dedicated team of experts to help you with every step of the booking process, from choosing the right flights to managing changes and cancellations.

  2. Special fares and discounts- You can save money on group flights with special fares and deals unavailable to individual travelers.

  3. Flexible booking options- You can add or remove passengers from your booking up to 7 days before departure and make changes to your itinerary without penalty fees.

  4. Seat selection- You can select your seats together as a group, so you can be sure to sit with everyone you are traveling with.

  5. Priority boarding- You will get priority boarding to get on the plane and settle in before other passengers.

  6. Baggage allowance- You can get a generous baggage allowance to pack everything you need for your trip.

  7. Meals and drinks- You can pre-order meals and beverages for your group so you can relax and enjoy your flight.

  8. In-flight entertainment- You will have access to a expansive range of in-flight enjoyment prospects, having films, TV presentations, melody, and additionally.

Thus, Vistara group bookings are the most pleasing alternative for groups of 10 or more travelers peeking for a seamless and hassle-free pilgrimage experience.

Can I book Vistara Group travel online?

Booking Vistara group travel online depends on the "Vistara Group Travel" because there are two possibilities you need to carry out simply.
Vistara Airlines Group booking- If you want to book a group flight with Vistara Airlines, you can book it online. Vistara offers a dedicated section for group booking on their official site.

Vistara Holidays- If you refer to a travel package with the Vistara Holidays, it relies. Vistara currently doesn't offer online booking for all the packages. Some packages might be bookable online, while others require contacting them directly. 

  • Specific packages can be booked online by tracking the down process:
  • Visit the Vistara Holidays web page, 
  • Search for your desired package, 
  • Check the package details for information about the booking options.
  • If it doesn't mention online booking, you can contact Vistara Holidays through their website or by calling them. However, if you seek how to book group flights on Vistara by call, there are a few steps that you need to pursue readily.

Gather the information of a number of passengers, and know your desired arrival and departure dates, regions, and fare options, with proper details of the passengers.

Contact the Vistara Group booking team in two ways that are:

  1. Online form- Visit the Vistara Group bookings page and fill out the online form; ensure to share all the details like number of passangers travelling, your travelling dates, baggage, destinations, your contact details and submit it to the airlines to get the response.

  2. Recieve a quote and finalize your booking: The group booking team will review your request and send you a personalized quote with available fares and options. Once you approve the quote, the team will handle the booking process and provide you with a confirmation.

How do I email Vistara group booking?

If you seek to email the Vistara group booking support term, there is an email address group.booking@airvistara.com. Pick it up and go for composing an email related to general inquiries, excess baggage pre-booking, or any existing group booking information, or more with adding the in-detailed information of your booking in the email with clearly state your inquiry or request, providing any relevant details and send them, soon, the airline person will contact you and try to solve all issues that you are facing regarding the group booking.


What is the minimum number of passengers required in group booking?

You can add minimum 10 passengers on the same booking with Vistara and infants will not be inculded in that total, until they are not occupaying any seat.
If the group is less than 10 members, can I request for group resrvation?

You can book less than 10 members of the travelers through online website  www.airvistara.com or make a call to customer service at +919289228888, You can book maximum 9 people by yourself.

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