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Delta Group Booking Terms & Conditions - Request Group Travel

Traveling is fun and becomes more enjoyable when you see the people around you. But booking flight tickets for more than ten people can give you a shock. Also, you may struggle with managing such a large number of tickets. Solving this, Delta Airlines offers planning a group trip where you don't have to manage tickets. Instead, you have to manage a single PNR. However, Delta Group Booking also comes up with specific terms and conditions that provide protection and flexibility to the passengers. Let's understand what their terms and conditions consist of.

Rules and Guidelines of Delta Group Booking.

Delta Airlines group reservation only applies to people of 10 or more traveling together on at least a single common flight. If Delta found any request less than ten, they canceled it, and the deposit will be forfeited. 

  • Any changes made in your group booking will undergo renegotiation of fare and terms.
  • Your group reservation isn't eligible for SkyMiles Upgrades or the program. 
  • Group booking allows passengers to set a utilization date on which they can arrange their total travelers.
  • You can change your group utilization date in your flight itinerary with no deviation fee.
  • You can confirm your changes after the ticketing at the applicable fare upon change or rebooking fee with any fare difference.
  • Routing changes are not permitted once you commence your travel. It can only be permitted with applicable fare difference and reissue fee.
  • In case your group doesn't meet the eligibility criteria for Delta group travelling, then either the deposit amount will be forfeited, or the travellers will be considered individual passengers, and with the applicable fare, their ticket must be booked.
  • When utilization is marked as 100%, the deposit will be reimbursed for the ticketed travelers.
  • If your utilization requirement isn't met, then your cancellation fee will be charged based on several factors.
  • You can cancel without paying any penalty if your seat is vacant until the last day.
  • If you cancel your reservation 60 days or less before the flight departure, you can get a refund for only passengers who are ticketed till that time. The refund will be deposited within 60 days of your travel.
  • Kindly obtain a cancellation reference number from Delta Airlines when you cancel a reservation. 
  • In case of partial cancellation, you’ll not require a cancellation reference number for the confirmation.
  • Every time you make changes to your flight itinerary, feeder additions, reductions, or any other changes, a new confirmation letter will be issued and dispersed.

How Far in advance can you book your group travel with Delta Airlines? 

Now let's discuss some more about the Group booking process. Suppose you are planning to travel in a group and want to fly with Delta Airlines. You have understood their policy. You may wonder how far you can book your group travel. Typically, for Delta group travel, a person can submit a request for up to 331 days before their departure.  

  • If your traveling zone is in Europe, the Middle East, or North, Southern, or West Africa, you can book a reservation 331 days in advance.
  • For the regions of Asia Pacific, The Caribbean, Central America, and within the US & Canada, the booking can only be done 240 days priorly.

How to book a Group Travel Ticket with Delta?

So far, you have learned about the terms and conditions for the group traveling with Delta Airlines. Now, let's discuss how someone can easily make a group reservation. So, group reservation is not as easy as making a reservation for an individual, but here it's more technical. Delta offers a few ways through which they accept their group booking requests. In the following section, you will learn these methods and can use them for your future group bookings.

1. Submit Delta Group Travel Request Form

With this method, you request the airline to make reservations for more than ten persons by submitting a form. You can find the group traveling form at there official website and by following the steps below. 

  • Visit the Delta Group travel Page or browse Delta.com/Contactus/GroupTravel.
  • You’ll see a form on the screen. 
  • Firstly, fill in your group travel information, then continue to the customer information.
  • Enter your travel details and then add your special request if there's any.
  • At last, submit your Delta group travel request. 
  • After the completion, your request will be sent to the Delta reservation department.
  • Based on that, they will review your request and send you the confirmation. 

2. Call Delta Group Reservations Team

In the other way, if you need to make an urgent group reservation and you can wait for their response then you can make a phone call request on the Delta Group booking phone number by dialing 800-532-4777. You will be connected to the Delta group reservation system, where one of their travel booking agents will provide the proper assistance and guidance regarding your group booking and proceed with the request. 

Is Delta Group Booking worth it? 

Yes, if you are making a group booking on Delta Airlines, you will get special perks and benefits that an individual traveler is missing out on. Let's understand how booking tickets for a group can be more worth it than booking individual tickets in the points below.

  • Usually, this type of fare is cheaper than booking individual tickets. 
  • You can get exclusive discounts from Delta on traveling in groups.
  • Delta perks and amenities for special group reservations can easily be accessed, making your trip more enjoyable.

Final words

To sum up, you’ve learned about Delta Group Travel and its terms and conditions. Along with the process, how someone can go with Delta Airlines group travel request via a request form and through calling their group reservation number. Moreover, if you’re traveling with a group booking, please ensure that your traveling companions can commit to flying so that you can save yourself from the hassles of making alterations. You can read more Group travel FAQs on the support page to get more idea of how Delta Group travel works.