• 13 Mar, 2024
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When Is the Cheapest Day to Book or Fly with American Airlines?

Many travellers prefer to obtain cheap American Airlines flights, and they look for information about the best day to fly with American Airlines to get the best available option. If you are also looking for an answer to the same question, you must probably make reservations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Usually, American Airlines introduces cheap flights on Monday last night or early morning on Tuesday. Therefore, if customers select these days, they will grab the best-launched deals.  

What days are American Airlines cheapest to fly? 

There are a number of queries regarding the cheapest day to fly on American Airlines; travelers must pay special attention to the fact that flights scheduled on weekends are usually on extensive end as compared to mod week flights. Therefore, it is best to travel on American Airlines from Tuesdays to Thursdays. One thing must be clear: there is no surety that travelers will get the cheapest flight rates on these days if there is any big event, festival, or holiday on a travel date to a specific destination. 

How to get the lowest price on American Airlines?

Travelers who are interested in traveling via American Airlines at the lowest fare can make use of the following tricks and tips to get the best and most economical flight option:

  1. Make American flight reservations early: Those travelers who wish to get cheap flights on American Airlines must make sure they plan and book flights as early as possible. To most destinations, American Airlines begins flight reservations 331 days in advance. Travelers must immediately book flights, as American Airlines flight rates increase rapidly as the departure date arrives near. 

  2. Make use of the American Airlines fare finder map or low fare calendar: American Airlines has enabled travelers to find cheap flights by using the fare finder map. Customers can simply head to the section available on the official website, insert the required information, such as travel destination or travel date, and click on the explore option. Within a few seconds, customers can see all the flights available at cheaper rates. Travelers can pick the most desired option and make reservations accordingly. 

  3. Use your existing miles points: Those travelers who are members of the AAdvantage program and have collected mile points can use them while making reservations to save the flight costs. These miles can also be used by customers to upgrade seats on American Airlines. 

  4. Search American Airlines flights in incognito mode and make flight comparisons: Another trick that can be used by customers to explore cheap American flights is to make use of incognito browser mode. This mode displays low fares as compared to normal mode. Also travelers must make sure they are comparing flight rates before booking tickets. 

  5. Select red-eye flights: It is observed that American Airlines flights that are scheduled late at night or early morning, which is considered to be a "Red-eye" period, are relatively cheaper as compared to day flights. Travelers can explore these flight options and book these flights to get cheap options.

  6. Use promo codes or American travel vouchers: There are multiple travelers who have promo codes or travel vouchers. These customers can make use of these vouchers to make cheap flight bookings. Sometimes, American Airlines also provides travel vouchers as a refund that can be used while making reservations to get the best available option to their selected destinations. 


Travelers can save on their travel costs if they book American Airlines flights by considering the days. They can also make their trip cost-effective using any of the above-described mediums. Travelers can try multiple options to fetch the best American Airlines flight option.