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Is it cheaper to book a Round trip or One Way?

Looking to book a round-trip flight ticket but are worried about whether Is it cheaper to book round trip so; as per the survey, Round-trip tickets are usually cheaper than one-way itinerary on the same flight because airlines offer discounts for booking both legs of a journey together. However, there are times when booking two one-way tickets can be cheaper. It can happen if there are sales or promotions on one-way fares, or you can find cheaper flights by flying with different airlines or out of other airports.

Which is best to book, round trip or one-way?

Deciding between booking a round-trip or one-way flight depends on several factors specific to your trip. 


  • Round-trip fares are often significantly cheaper than booking two separate one-way tickets, especially on popular routes.
  • You book everything at once, with pre-determined departure and return dates. There is no need to scramble for return flights later.
  • While changing travel dates can incur fees, it's typically more accessible and less expensive to adjust both legs of a round-trip ticket than modifying separate one-way bookings.
  • A fixed return date might limit your options if your plans change.
  • If your trip ends early, you lose the value of the unused return leg.


  • Change return dates or travel to a different destination for your return leg.
  • Ideal for one-way journeys with uncertain return dates.
  • Generally, one-way tickets are pricier than half a round-trip fare.
  • Requires two separate bookings and researching suitable return flights.
  • Modifying one-way tickets can be more expensive and have stricter restrictions than with round-trip bookings.

Is it legal to buy a round-trip ticket and only use one way?

The legality of buying a round-trip ticket and only using one way depends on a few factors: 

Risks involved:

  • Using only one leg may trigger the airline to cancel the return portion of your ticket, leaving you scrambling for another way back.
  • Depending on the fare type and airline policy, you may not be eligible for any refund or credit for the unused portion.
  • Repeatedly doing this could flag you in the airline's system and lead to restrictions on future purchases.


  • Compare the potential savings of the round-trip ticket against the cost of a one-way ticket and the risk of losing the return leg or facing penalties.
  • Using a round-trip ticket with a stopover at your final destination to skip the return leg (hidden city ticketing) is explicitly against most airlines' policies and could result in stricter consequences.
  • Always check the specific terms and conditions of the airline you're considering booking with for their policy on unused portions of tickets.

What happens if you miss a flight on a round trip?

The consequences of missing a flight on a round trip depend on several factors:

If you inform the airline as soon as possible, they might:

  • Help you rebook the next available flight to your destination (fees may apply).
  • Waive cancellation fees for the remaining legs, allowing you to rebook separately (airline discretion).

If you don't inform the airline, they will likely:

  • Cancel the remaining legs of your itinerary, leaving you to find alternative transportation home.
  • Charge you a no-show fee for the missed flight.
  • You might lose the entire ticket cost for the missed flight and subsequent legs.
  • Non-refundable offers more flexibility to change or cancel flights, often with fees. You can rebook with fees depending on the policy.
  • In weather delays, medical emergencies, or missed connections due to airline issues, the airline might be more accommodating and waive fees or help you rebook.
  • If you miss the flight due to personal reasons like oversleeping or arriving late, it's less likely the airline will waive fees or rebook you for free.

How to get cheap round-trip flights?

Scoring cheap round-trip flights is all about flexibility and timing. So, there are some tips to help you snag the best deals for round-trip flights, must consider it.

  1. Consider flying on weekdays (Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often the cheapest), during shoulder seasons (spring/fall), or even at the last minute. Tools like "whole month" or "cheapest month" searches in Early mornings or late evenings can be cheaper than peak hours.

  2. If you're open to exploring, use the "everywhere search" features to find hidden gems based on your budget.

  3. Some sites adjust prices based on browsing history. Use incognito mode for fresh searches.

  4. You may connect with the airlines and travel sites on social media and subscribe to them by email or their newsletters for flash sales and promotions.

  5. Check prices at smaller airports near your origin or destination. Sometimes, the extra travel time is worth the savings.

  6. Sometimes, booking connecting or Multi-city flights separately can be cheaper than round trip ones.

  7. Websites track your searches and might inflate prices. Deleting cookies can sometimes reset things.

  8. If your dates are fixed, explore nearby weeks or even months. A slight shift could unlock significant savings.

  9. Earning miles or points can eventually lead to free flights or upgrades.


Hence, by pursuing the above content, you will learn that it is better to book a round-trip rather than a one-way flight because round-trip offers tickets at an affordable price. Also, you will learn how to get a round-trip flight ticket at the cheapest cost.