• 07 Dec, 2023
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How Do I Use My Miles When Booking Tickets?

When you wish to reserve your flight, you always look for the reward ticket, voucher, and miles to avoid paying a higher amount. Likewise, if you have noticed that you have miles on our frequent flyer program account, you can use it to book, and upgrade your flight online easily. You will even get the facility to purchase your seat and other travel products using Miles at any time. But, if you ask how to use air miles to book a flight and look for guidance, you will need to get started with the steps provided by the experts that you need to learn below.

  • First, log in to your frequent flyer program account of any particular airline, and enter the correct user ID and password to access smoothly.  
  • You must go to the tool of airlines and search for a flight that you want to book using miles and check out the flight's cost that you use in dollars or miles.
  • You can check miles and points that you can use to book, and before that, you must enter the correct destination with date and time and passenger details into the required fields.
  • You must review your booking, go to the payment option, select your miles to book your flight, and get the message of confirmation on your registered mobile phone eventually.  

How many air miles do I need to get a free flight?

When you need to get your flight ticket for free, you must check out the miles for one-way and round trips. You can book your domestic flight ticket for one way at no cost if you have at least 6000 to 20000 miles, which depends on the airline, fare type, and travel date. If you want to travel on an international flight one way, you need to use around 35000 to 50000 miles or more. If you want a free flight in business or first class, you must ensure you have at least 25,000 miles. 

What airlines use AIR MILES?

There are various airlines that use different types of the Air Miles to reserve your flight ticket to your required destination including.

  • JetBlue Airlines.
  • Air Canada.
  • British Airlines.
  • Delta Airlines.
  • Etihad Airlines.
  • United Airlines.
  • Singapore Airlines, and so on.  

Do AIR MILES points expire?

Yes, Air miles points can expire if you don’t use them within one year from the issuance date from the airlines. Some airlines set the expiration date for miles for a specific while others consider the activity with the points that keep the miles valid as long as your account has some mileage activity to use your miles points within 12 months.   

Can you cash out AIR MILES?

Yes, you can convert your Air Miles into cash from your airline’s website and mobile application. You must check out the miles it should be worth to get in money, starting from $10 to $750 in Air miles cash rewards.  

How do you earn air Miles?

You generally earn air miles when your booked flight ticket is canceled and get the reward points that you can use to book and upgrade your flight smoothly. You get the air miles flight booking service using miles that you will get in various ways, including booking or spending money with a credit card or using a reward ticket to earn miles easily. Further, you must check out the airline's rules and regulations to get the miles to get more benefits simply.

Which Airlines are the best for Miles?

You get a facility to use miles for the booking, upgrade your seat, and purchase any other travel items conveniently. Hence, if you want to reserve your flight ticket using Miles, you must discover the best airlines that you will find below. 

How to use credit card for airlines miles?

When you wish to get complete help to use your credit card for airline miles, you get a redemption bonus that you can use for certain categories that you choose during a flight booking service. So, if you want to know how to redeem air miles for flights, you will get a general credit card through the airlines that you can use at the time of making payment easily. 

Best Frequent Flyer program to earn:

You will get the best frequent flyer program that you can earn, including.

  1. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plus.
  2. United Mileage Plus.
  3. American Airlines AAdvantage, etc.