• 02 Feb, 2024
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How Do I Book a Flight for a Disabled Person with Discount?

Air transport is now one of the most endorsed means of transport. Further, these are pronounced because an airline has services that are ample in quantity to satisfy the needs of each traveler. Moreover, it also includes the needs of disabled persons. So, when you get to book a flight with such concerns, you can follow up with the shared methods.

Call the airline for a reservation

A reservation can be made with ease without getting involved in the complicated process of appealing for special assistance; then, you can use the call modes. Further, you just have to share information with customer service, and they could take care of the rest of the process. In this case, you get to use a particular airline booking number and select an option from the recorded menu.

Book a flight online

A call could be stress-free mode but can add some additional changes in the cost. However, you can discard the same by using the online modes and carrying out the procedure by yourself. Now, the common pattern used for the same is as such:-

  • Get to the official site of the airline
  • After that, select the book icon and enter flight information in it
  • In the next step, select a flight with the fare options
  • In the traveler information tab, enter personal details, and there you can select accessibility services.
  • After completing those details, submit the cost and complete the further procedure.
  • As it gets completed, you can receive confirmation over email.

What qualifies as a disability for airlines?

In order to secure disabled benefits from the airline, one has to be competent as per their norms. So, the person who satisfied those conditions could only be eligible to appeal for the same. Thus, the provision of airlines is “ a permanent or temporary condition that leads to physical or mental impairment and has an impact on major activities like walking, heading, or breathing.” Then, you can seek services out of it.

Is there any discount for disabled people on flights?

Yes, a disabled person might get discounts on flights. However, the discount flights for disabled are dependent from airline to airline. Moreover, if you have chosen an airline that offers discounts, then you can only get concessions on basic fares but not on taxes. On the other hand, the airlines do not offer any rebates on fares, but you can manage to have a mobility service. 

Final words

Further, you may not face queries such as how to book a flight for a disabled person by reading these headings. You can approach the respective customer service team and find a resolution if you do.